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You might say 'Real Estate is in our blood' 

As a fourth generation, and proudly 100% Australian owned family business, we’ve been at the forefront of real estate in Australia since 1883. We continue today with the same focus, culture and ethics that has helped build our reputation as an Australian Superbrand. Even with such long-standing tenure and history, we are continually evolving to ensure we remain ahead of the pack and leaders within the market.

In 2018, we celebrated our 135th year in business, making it one of the oldest privately owned firms in the Southern Hemisphere. Our experience and reputation are without question, that’s why we sell over $10 billion worth of property each year and manage over 72,000 properties across Australia.

The spirit, hunger and desire to succeed

The key to our success is our people.

By taking that hunger, that spark and aligning it with our trusted Superbrand, we know that together we’ll have a winning combination.

Our strong brand recognition and proven operating systems will assist you to attract great listings, inspire fantastic staff and deliver outstanding results. Together, taking the business into new and exciting markets.

Are you ready to take the next step?